Why do Astronauts wear Space Suits?

Why can’t astronauts go to space wearing normal clothes?

Why do they wear such a bulky looking outfit? It doesn’t look very comfortable after all.

Space suit acts like armour (a protective covering that protects from injury). They stop astronaut’s blood from boiling in space. They also reflect sun’s dangerous rays. Inside the space suit they have a backpack containing air supply and a cooling system. The cooling inside the space suit keeps the astronaut’s temperature normal.

Astronauts do not wear suits all the time. They wear it for space walks, during take off or during landing. The rest of the time they wear comfortable clothing like shorts and a tee shirt.

Strange Astro Fact:
To go to toilet in space suit, astronauts either wear nappy inside their suit or wear a special sleeve that carries it to a storage pouch inside the suit!!

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  1. Gayatri Avatar

    Thankgod atleast there’s a cooling system in it.

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