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Why do We Have A Skull?

Skull is made up of several bones. Bones give structure to our body. Without bones, our body will be a big chunk of jelly. So skull gives shape to our head and also gives us our facial features.

Bones that make up the skull, like every other bone in the body, are hard and strong from outside. So they do a vital  job of protecting our brain. Our brain is extremely soft and wrinkly. Without this bony structure on the outside, even a tiny bump could hurt the brain. Wo don’t want that to happen. After all, brain is the boss of our body.

It controls the way whole body functions. It tells the body what to do and when to do. It keeps the heart beating and lungs breathing. It lets us talk,  move,  remember and learn new things. Sounds like quite a strict taskmaster, and we thought that mom was strict.

Imagine a world with people without a skull or any other object to protect their brain. It would be chaotic. At every mild bump people would lose memory, or ability to talk or move. Their sense of taste might disappear if their head hit the door or their heart might stop beating.


How many times during the day do you bump your head? It hurts a little, you say ‘ouch’  and move on. Nothing really happens. All because of the skull.

But even skull needs protection sometimes. Therefore, construction workers, people riding vehicles at high speed or soldiers on the war front are always advised to wear helmets.

How much do you know?
The adult human skull is made up of 22 bones. Eight large, flat bones form the cranium, and 14 bones form the face.

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One response to “Why do We Have A Skull?”

  1. Matthew Avatar

    The skull is something like a brain box. A funny comparison, once my best friend gave me a box in the shape of a skull By the way, it looked so natural that some people take it as a real skull and were afraid to look at what is inside)

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