Why is the ocean salty?

Why is The Ocean Salty?

Isn’t it fun to be at the beach when it’s hot? You can build sandcastles, get wet from the waves, and taste the salty ocean water. But have you ever wondered why the ocean water is salty? How did it get that way?

Let me explain: when a river flows into the ocean, it carries along some land. This land is made up of rocks and soil that contain a mineral called salt.

You might not taste the salt in the river because it doesn’t carry a large amount of salt at once. The same goes for lakes because one river brings salt in, while another river carries it out.

Saltwater is not good for humans or plants. That’s why scientists are working on machines to remove the salt from seawater. Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could make all the seawater non-salty? It would be a wonderful gift to humanity, providing us with a lot more water.

By the way, have you ever heard that if you pour a handful of salt into a full glass of water, the water level actually goes down instead of overflowing?

Also, there’s an intriguing story of “The Magic Grinder” located at the bottom of the sea. It supposedly churns out salt in large quantities.

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4 responses to “Why is The Ocean Salty?”

  1. Nisreen Avatar

    This is really helpful for my research report

  2. Lisa Tribble Avatar
    Lisa Tribble

    The last comment is horrific. What about the entire ecosystem that depends on salt water and the devastation this would cause. Before we look for more water for our consumption, maybe we should learn to take care of the water we have available to us.

  3. Levi Skinner Avatar
    Levi Skinner

    This is a good thing for humans an plans.

  4. landon Avatar

    i think its helpful the tells you about how the salt gets in the sea and its helpful to tell you why its not in a lake

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