Add two words, Get a new one!

Add two words, Get a new one!

In english language you must have often come across words that are made up of two words joined together. Can’t remember?? I will give you an example:
Arm and Pit (A hole dug in the ground) are two different words, Right? Join them together to make a bodypart under your arm where it tickles a lot – Armpit !

Such words are called compound words where a new word is formed when two words are joined together.

Isn’t that fun?

Now, there are some compound words that when joined together  give a clue towards the meaning. For example,
Backbone is Bone of the back of the body.
Homemade is something made at home.
Footprints are prints made by your foot.

But then there are some other compound words that totally mean something other than the words that they are made up of. Read this.
Black(color) + Smith(name) = Blacksmith
Guess what Blacksmith means? If you guessed a boy named smith who is black in color, that’s wrong!! It means a person who repairs iron things.
Here’s another one.
Under + Dog = Underdog
You thought it’s a dog under the table. Wrong again!! You’ll be surprised to know that it means a competitor thought to have little chance of winning.

Can you think of some more fun words like these? Wait a min! I have another one – Honeycomb.. A comb made of honey?? Nah…. Keep guessing!!

You can also try to find some below !!

Add two words, Get a New One!!

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One response to “Add two words, Get a new one!”

  1. pravat ranjan das Avatar
    pravat ranjan das

    Please make compound words using following words:
    match, house, ball, flower, noon, fly, pit, pant, point, cock, room, class, moon, after, sun, foot

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