Why do Cars have NUmber Plates?

Car number plates..What do they mean?

What is  written on this number plate? Does it mean anything or is it just scrambled letters and numbers? Have you ever thought about it? Let’s find out.

Let us try to understand this first. Think about a big picnic where children from many schools have joined. Let’s say your school is ABC Public School and your class it’s 2B. Everybody is tagged by a roll number in the class. Let’s say yours is 32. So that means if any teacher wants to track you in a big crowd they can also call out for a student of ABC Public School , Class 2B, Roll Number 32 and that would be you!

Likewise, the government requires to track all the vehicles. There is an easy way to track them in India, across all the states – By putting a number plate on a vehicle which is unique to it. This number plate system is followed in almost all the countries of the world.

In India, the first two letters on the number plate define the two letter state code. Like TN indicates that the vehicle is from Tamil Nadu state. HR-Haryana, KA-Karnataka, MH-Maharashtra etc.
Next comes combination of two digits which define the two digit district code. For example, In Tamil Nadu 01 code is used for Chennai. Therefore the vehicle carrying TN 01 is registered in Chennai, Tamilnadu.

So if I ask you what MH 06 means? You will quickly say MH is Maharashtra and 06 stands for Mumbai, therefore that the vehicle is registered in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Last is the combination of two alphabets and four digits which is the unique license number. All vehicles are given a number which is called a licence number. It is done by a special office called Regional Transport Office(RTO). So, if a car is from Chennai, TamilNadu and has licence number AB 1234 then,
The car’s number plate will show:
TN 01 AB  1234

Hmmm…so now you know that what is written on your car number plate is not a senseless combination of letters and numbers but instead it makes perfect sense !!!

Fun game:
Next time you are on the road with your parents, look outside at the licence plates of the other vehicles and try to find out where that vehicle came from.

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  1. Dilli Nepal from usa Avatar
    Dilli Nepal from usa

    Nice answer for me, thank u.last but not the least I would like to know about USA number plate too. If u would help on that too please.

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