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  • Nobel Peace Prize for Malala

    Nobel Peace Prize for Malala

    Everybody has a right to education. You kids already know that going to school is very important and a must. However, there are some kids that are not able to go to school. Sometimes because they do not have enough money to pay for school and sometimes bad people do not allow them to go to school. A […]

  • New Jersey Shipwreck Identified

    New Jersey Shipwreck Identified

    A shipwreck near the coastline of New Jersey was found by fishermen in 1970s. It had been quite a haven for the divers over the past 30 years. However, no one knew the name of the ship. Well, that mystery is finally solved. In June 2013, a team of government and university maritime archaeologists identified the […]

  • Largest Volcano on Earth

    Largest Volcano on Earth

    A volcano that is as big as the state of New Mexico or France, as large as giant volcanoes on the Mars, have been found on Earth. How did it lay hidden for such a long time? Because it was hiding under water. Tamu Massif  is located about 1,000 miles east of Japan and is […]

  • Anti Shark Suits

    Anti Shark Suits

    Coastline of Perth, Western Australia has recently experienced the highest number of fatal shark attacks in the world. The coastal waters are teaming with white sharks, and this poses a great threat to lives. Highly concerned about the issue, Shark Attack Mitigation Systems(SAMS) in collaboration with The University of Western Australia has innovated two types of shark suits that […]

  • World’s Oldest Lunar Calendar Discovered

    World’s Oldest Lunar Calendar Discovered

    The lunar calendar discovered by archaeologists in a field at Scotland dates back to 10,000 years ago. You must be thinking that calendar must be a paper or a leaf scroll with scribbled information, tucked under the ground for generations. But that is not how calendars were thousands of years ago. The calendar had a […]

  • Nelson Mandela Critically ill

    Nelson Mandela Critically ill

    Much loved and highly admired “Father of the Nation” of South Africa, Nelson Mandela, is critically ill. The 94-year-old former South African president has been in and out of hospital three times this year for recurring lung infection. The last time he was in the hospital was in April 2012. Nelson Mandela is highly revered by […]

  • Hidden City Unearthed Near Angkor Vat

    Hidden City Unearthed Near Angkor Vat

    The lost city of Mahendraparvata, near Angkor Wat, was unearthed using airborne laser technology – LiDAR. Scientists always believed that a city existed there some 1200 years ago. The findings were then re-confirmed by a team of Australian and French archaeologists who went on foot expedition through the jungle. The vast network of roads, canals, […]

  • WWII German Plane Found

    WWII German Plane Found

    Almost 70 years ago, during the World War II, a German plane was shot down by the Royal Air Force. It fell into the English Channel. It was under water for that long and now pulled out of the water. The water had done a lot of damage. However, it can be restored. The restoration […]

  • Eat Bugs to Save The World?

    Eat Bugs to Save The World?

    Did you know? Insects have higher and better protein content than meat. The tiny creatures are extremely rich in fiber. They are rich in micronutrients like zinc, iron, magnesium, phosphorous that are beneficial to our body in many different ways. They have very low risk of transmitting diseases to humans, unlike meat, pork and poultry. […]

  • Shenzhou-10 in Space

    Shenzhou-10 in Space

    In September 2011, China launched a space module named TianGong- 1. This was launched to work as an experimental space laboratory.  It is an unmanned space module that mean that there are no humans on it. So far two space crafts have already visited TianGong- 1. The third one named Shenzhou-10 was launched yeaterday. It carries three […]