Eklavya - The brave archer

Eklavya – The Brave Archer

In ancient India, lived a boy named Eklavya. He was the son of a tribal chief in the forests of kingdom of Hastinapura.

Eklavya was an extremely sharp kid, and longed to be an outstanding archer. Sage Dronacharya was an excellent teacher of Archery and Eklavya, desperately wanted Dronacharya to be his guru. So, one day he set off on a long journey to join Dronacharya’s Gurukul.

“Dronacharya, I am Eklavya. My father is the Tribal Chief of the forests of Hastinapura, and I want to learn archery from you.” Eklavya introduced himself to the sage upon his arrival at gurukul. The sage was startled to see a strange boy addressing him.

“Eklavya, I am a royal teacher, and I cannot teach a tribal boy. I have no place for you in my gurukul.” Dronacharya replied.

Eklavya was deeply hurt by the guru’s discrimination and refusal, but he was still determined to be a skilled archer. Eklavya ran into the deep forest. There, he made a mud idol of Dronacharya. Everyday, he worshiped him as his Guru and then with his bow and arrow, practiced in front of the statue.

Very soon Eklavya’s faith, courage and dilligance transformed him into an extraordinary archer. Eklavya became an exceptional archer. Even better than Drona’s best pupil, Arjuna.

One day Eklavya was practicing as usual. A dog nearby barked continuously and disturbed him in his practice. Angry Eklavya, shot seven arrows to fill the dog’s mouth, without hurting  it.

Dog with seven arrows stuffed in his mouth

Nearby, Drona and his pupil – the Pandavas, were crossing the forest.  When they saw a living dog with a mouthful of arrows, they wondered that whoever did that had to be a master in archery. Curious they looked around. They found a disheveled man dressed in black. Dronacharya realised that this man was none other than Eklavya! Dronacharya went up to him and praised him.

Eklavya was thrilled to hear Drona’s praises and considered it his biggest victory.

Till date, Eklavya is considered as the most brave and loyal student in the epic of Mahabharata.

 Where there is a will, there is a way.

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2 responses to “Eklavya – The Brave Archer”

  1. Riteshkumar Avatar

    Yes, I love lord eklaya very much… eklaya is better than arjuna always. Due to support of lord krishna the arjuna win the fight against lord eklaya. If the Krishna is not from mathura and with arjuna. The arjuna didn’t won fight. For arjuna it is impossible to lose lord eklaya. Without thumb the lord eklaya was better archer than arjuna always….

  2. vishali kamachi Avatar

    no it was wrong drona did not praise him

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