Mission Mars One

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Mars One has to be the most ambitious mission in the history of space. It talks about sending humans to the red planet by year 2023. So whats the big deal about it, you might think ? The big deal is that the mission plans to send four humans to Mars in 2023 not to explore the red planet for a few days or months, but to live there forever !!

Is that possible? Can that happen for real? Can there be human settlement on Mars?

No one knows until it happens. The largest and most experienced space agency NASA has it does not agree with mission Mars One. However,  Dutch non-for-profit foundation  that started the mission believes that human settlement on Mars is possible with advanced technologies present today.


Mars One launched its Astronaut Selection Program in April 2013. More than a million people have said to registered for the program. Mars One will handpick, select and train only a few candidates out of which four will eventually make Mars their home.

The cost of mission Mars One is estimated to be about six billion US dollars. The entire spectacle is planned to be continuously recorded and televised. So come 2023, and we should fasten our seat belts to watch biggest the spectacle of the century!

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