Sweeny the Sweetie

Sweeny The Sweetie

I was nervous, but mom and dad assured me that my new school would be great. I was standing outside my new class trying to observe everyone. I did not know anyone here, but I am sure I would make new friends. Myra seems very nice. I would try to talk to her.

Our teacher Miss Mary introduced me to every one. In the recess, Jake came up to me and said hello, Toni waved at me, and Myra and Jeanie smiled when they looked up at me. All my new classmates were nice as mum had said and I was already feeling better.

One day I took up my lunch plate and started walking towards the table in the cafeteria. I saw Jeanie and Myra sitting at a table and thought I would join them. While walking towards their table I slipped, and when I looked up Jeanie could not stop laughing while Myra looked concerned. Feeling sad, I quietly went and sat with Jake.

Soon  Jake and Toni were my good friends. One day Myra was doing something in the locker room. I went up to her and said “Hey Myra, Would you like to get together after school.”

“Oh Sweeny, I have a lot of work to do I cannot come. ” Myra told me.

So I went ahead with Toni and Jake to the amusement park, and there Myra and Jeanie were having a good time on the Merry go round.

“I think Myra does not want to be our friend but why did she lie”, I told Toni.

After that I realized that Myra was ignoring me but it was okay as I had other wonderful friends.

Then one day I overheard Jeanie telling someone in the washroom, ” Jenna, you know what Myra said about you, she said you are so dumb.” , I was shocked that Jeanie was pretending to be Myra’s friend and saying such things behind her back.

I wanted to tell Myra but did not know how to, but felt sorry for her.

Fourth grade was coming to an end and these days Myra was seeming sad. She sat away from Jeanie. Jake, Toni and I figured out that something was wrong between Myra and Jeanie. We decided to invite Myra for playing after school to cheer her up.

When we asked her to come out she started crying .

“You guys are so sweet even when I was mean earlier and still you want to be friends,” she sobbed.

Jake was confused and said, “So are you coming or not?”

“I will come out and make new friends, ” Myra smiled.

It was good to see her happy again. I was glad she realized that Jeanie was not a good person.

Four of us became the best friends.


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2 responses to “Sweeny The Sweetie”

  1. Arusha Avatar

    So sweet!i’ll also be friends with everyone!

  2. esha Avatar

    i cant wait for another story like this.

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