A group of firefighters

The Firefighters

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Firefighters are always asking the question “Where is the Fire?” As soon as they get to know where the fire is their red fire trucks race through the streets towards the fire. Who are Firefighters? They are the real life heroes who put themselves in danger to save other people’s lives.

Firefighters usually wear a fire-resistant jacket,  fire-resistant pants, safety boots, suspenders, special hood, helmet, goggles, insulated gloves, and a t-shirt with their station name on it. All this gear weighs almost 60 pounds.

The firefighters take the fire hose till the fire
Image Credit: Flickr User DVIDSHUB, via CC

A Firefighter’s best tool is an axe. It is used to make holes in the walls to let the smoke and the heat out.  There is a fire hose attached to the truck. The firefighter then takes the fire hose as close to the fire as they can. The fire truck has a foldable ladder that is used to rescue people near the windows of tall buildings. Sometimes people jump from higher places, in that case the firemen spread a rescue net to save distressed people. The rescue net looks like a trampoline.

The firefighters have to go to special  training schools to learn everything about fire. For example how it starts, why it keeps burning and how to put it out.

Ding went the fire bell and Firemen yelled,
Hurry up men! fires need to be quelled.

 A brief history of Firefighters!

  1. Firefighters used to be called bucket brigades!
  2. The first official fire department was founded in Boston, MA in 1678.
  3. Dalmatians are known as firehouse dogs.
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