A Leviathan whale appears to leave the screen and fly over the crowd as a part of augmented reality demonstration

What is Augmented Reality?

A Leviathan whale appears to leave the screen and fly over the crowd as a part of augmented reality demonstration, Image Credit: Flickr User Intel Free Press, via cc

What if you could bring your Lego toys to life without actually assembling the blocks? What if you could, without opening the box know exactly how the 3d model will be? How about your favorite book coming to life with its characters moving and talking? Augmented Reality can bring a lot of regular boring stuff to life.

What is Augmented Reality?

Augment means to add. Augmented Reality is a concept which adds a few things to our real world to make it better and interesting. The extra stuff added to the real world is the information from the internet and a lot 3d animations.

How does it work?

Usually, a software fuses the real world with the extra information on the net to make it bigger and better. Layar is a very popular augmented reality browser for mobiles. So if you a computer/smartphone, a camera, internet, and  software to put it all together, you are all set to experience the thrilling world of augmented reality.

Is Augmented reality different from virtual reality?

Virtual Reality is much different from Augmented Reality. Virtual Reality simulates the world all around you. It fools your brain into thinking you are somewhere else. Augmented Reality makes the currently world better through the use of several different things.

What all can you do with augmented reality?

You can use your dad’s Ipad to read some of your favorite books with an added “interactive” mode to them. The story will play with a background music appropriate to the story. All characters will interact with you too. A lot of smart people are creating “holograms” that you can put down and treat like a sandbox in your own home. Imagine using holograms to create mountains, rivers, volcano’s or even cities. Great option for a sand free playtime!

The most boring thing at school is reading maps. But it wouldn’t be so dull if the maps interact with you. Augmented reality can make map reading an adventure. Here is how:

Is augmented reality going to change our lives?

It will change our lives for better in many ways. We have Google Glasses that can display information about anything as you walk past it. The technology can make education and learning more effective and attractive. We saw above how an interactive map is more interesting to study than a regular map. Travel and sightseeing will become a wonderful experience. Imagine you are at Taj Mahal, one of the seven wonders of the world. Just point your smartphone at the monument and all you want to know will display on your phone. Online shopping will become a better experience than shopping at a real store. You will be able try on clothes and accessories virtually. Now isn’t that completely hassle free! These are just several things that you can use Augmented Reality. It sure makes the future look a lot more fun and exciting.

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  1. Aaron Petty Avatar
    Aaron Petty

    Pokemon Go!!

  2. David Jones Avatar
    David Jones

    Many people still think that AR app development is only a fantasy, but AR applications are already being actively used even in such a real sphere as education. Applications with Augmented Reality technology are released more and more, and sometimes children understand such gadgets better than adults.

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