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  • Ready for a Dive in the Park?

    Ready for a Dive in the Park?

    Oops! Did We misspell drive as dive? Um um No sir :) We are talking about a park that is underwater for six months in an year. So half the year you can drive in the park and the other half you can dive in the park. The emerald green waters of this mountain lake […]

  • Self Cleaning Clothes

    Self Cleaning Clothes

    Can clothes clean themselves? Nah! This has to be from a magical story where jugs fly and cats talk. How we wish that we did not have to waste time in laundry? But this wish is about to become true. Scientists in China have found that if you coat the clothes with a right mix […]

  • The Upside Down House! So True!

    The Upside Down House! So True!

    You must be thinking that we are joking. Nah! Two architects Irek Glowacki and Marek Rozhanski, in the western Austrian village of Terfens have done it for real. They have been working on it for past eight years and now it is open for people to go have a look at it. It opened for public […]

  • Road that Charges the Electric Cars! So Cool!

    Road that Charges the Electric Cars! So Cool!

    Electric cars are becoming very common these days and I am sure you would find one or two in your neighborhood when you look around. These cars run off batteries and since they do not dirty our air – are much “cleaner” option compared to regular petrol-driven cars. But there is one problem with Electric […]

  • What is Lotus Sutra?

    What is Lotus Sutra?

    The Lotus Sutra was discovered in 1931 by some cattle grazers in Gilgit. It is 1500 years old and is the only buddhist handwritten note found in India. The copy of handwritten notes will now be available to scholars. The note is written on a birch bark (dried bark of a birch tree). Gautama Buddha was […]

  • It’s My Right

    It’s My Right

    The  Supreme Court of India  has directed all private and government-run schools to implement RTE starting from academic year of 2012-13. You would ask what is RTE? RTE  is Right To free and compulsory Education for children from socially and economically weak backgrounds. According to RTE, These children who fall in the age group of 6 […]

  • Google Art Project (GAP)

    Google Art Project (GAP)

    This is so interesting!! Google Art Project(GAP) has made it possible to have a look at the world’s best art galleries and museums online inside the comfort of your home. GAP, which launched last year, digitized artworks from 17 museums in the first phase. It’s  latest inclusion on the online tour map are Indian art […]

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