The Pharaohs of the Egypt

Pharaohs have always sparked everyone’s interest as some mysterious beings with strange beliefs.  But who were pharaohs exactly? Were they as mysterious as some people make them to be? Well, Pharaohs were the kings in ancient Egypt. They ruled the land of Egypt and the people thought them to be Gods. They remained Kings as long as they could until someone else captured the throne or they died.

The Pharaoh had to make sure his people were well fed and happy. He had to discipline and protect his people too. These two were the main duties of the pharaoh. Since he was considered a God  the pharaoh had limitless power to do what he wanted and to have what he wanted.What the pharaoh said was the law of the land in Egypt. Those who broke his law suffered the consequences. Likewise, he had to do everything in his power to protect Egypt from foreign invasion or threats from within.

They Egyptians had very strange beliefs that there was an afterlife – another life after death that is supposed to be a continuation of their life on Earth. So the Pharaohs spent most of their lives preparing for their death. A pharaoh’s tomb or pyramid’s construction usually began as soon as they became pharaoh. 

The most famous pharaohs are :


  • Cleopatra -Egypt’s last Pharaoh, was smarter than all her siblings and became the Pharaoh. She made Egypt one the world’s most powerful and wealthiest civilizations.
  • Hatshepsut – was a female Pharaoh. She was unique because she dressed as a male pharaoh while she ruled Egypt. She attached a false beard, wore male clothing, and was depicted in statutes as a pharaoh. She might have done this so that the kingdom accepts her easily as a pharaoh.
King Tut
  • King Tut (Tutankhamun) –  was the youngest known Pharaoh. His reign was short-lived and upon his death he quickly disappeared into the sands of Egypt.

Unfortunately most of the pyramids that held the tombs of these pharaohs have been raided and robbed. This has left gaps in the reconstruction of history. But well one way or the other we still keep learning new things about history everyday.


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